A city of industry, innovation, and creativity. Much like the city that set the foundation to mold our company we know the value of a dedicated goal and how to develop strategies that make those values grow into a reality.

Some firms take a "done it a hundred times before" method when it comes to helping your company grow. We offer something entirely different - something that isn't just pulled off the rack. Our company designs campaigns inline with your goals and our organization tailors strategies to help you take your brand to the next level. We know that there is not another company in the world like yours. Your One-of-a-Kind company needs a One-of-a-Kind plan of action. We design our campaigns based on your need, and our expertise can help get you where you want to be. 

We specialize in

  • Brand Outreach

  • Consulting

  • Re-Branding

  • Web services

  • Social Media Management 

  • Merchandising Solutions

  • Public Relations Management

We have the skills and tools to tackle any job and our ability to configure solutions for those new challenges is our passion at Marley Wayne. 

We speak with confidence because our campaigns have exceeded our clients expectations. We work alongside you to find solutions to the problems you are experiencing. At the end of the day, our mission is to bring you what you want for your company and we measure our successes from our clients satisfaction and their return on investment.

             Marley Wayne works with you on the solutions we implement, giving you the blueprints on what we plan for your company. We tailor strategies to work for you, and then continue in analyzing the performance of the campaign. 

If your business is looking to take a new direction with a company that can help build your brand based on your needs, than Marley Wayne is the company you are looking for. 

We are creative-minded problem solvers. Our love of the game is what keeps us coming back with a smile on our face. Helping you discover newfound pride in your company is what fuels us.

             We know your company is One - of - a - Kind, and when you are ready to be treated like a One - in - a - Million, we will be ready for you.




 John Barclay

President & Creative Director.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina